Oil and Gas Software for Production Reporting

PumperPal - Pumper Software for Field Data Collection

PumperPal is a simple to use field data collection and reporting software used to assist field personnel with production reporting. Data collected from PumperPal can be transferred to the windows based PRS system. Advantages of the system are as follows:
Field Data Collection

The system runs on a laptop, netbook, or desktop computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.
The program is written in Microsoft VB.NET and uses the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition database, modern technology for oil and gas software.
The system uses internet file transfer protocol (FTP) to transfer information from the pumpers software to the office. Program updates, technical support, and pumper route changes are also handled using FTP which makes the system easy to maintain.
The user interface of PumperPal was designed to remember what data is collected on each well to make the input of data as efficient as possible. Previous day's readings are brought forward to the current day to eliminate repetitive typing. Lists of choices for many of the input fields are provided through drop down menus to reduce typing and make the reporting of data more consistent throughout the company. Data is validated to improve quality.
The average pumper makes 10,000 lease updates per year. PumperPal is a complete field data collection program that is easy to use, efficient, and reliable but capable of complex and flexible reporting requirements.

Field Data Collection
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