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PRS - Production Reporting System

PRS is a windows application which reports daily and monthly production. Data collected from PumperPal can be transferred into PRS. Advantages of the PRS Production Reporting System are:

A simple tab based user interface logically organizes the program and makes it easy to use. Data is presented in a spreadsheet style format to easily view and edit.
The program was written using Microsoft’s Visual Basic language using state of the art ActiveX controls and programming tools.
The database is in the Microsoft Access format. This system is reliable and provides flexible reporting. The Access database is simple and easy to support.
Filters can be set so that only the leases in an individual users area of responsibility is shown when the program is started. The default reporting criteria is on the filtered leases only.
Variance reports allow user defined groups, sorting, titles, variance calculation methods and limits.
Advanced graphing allows the plotting of several daily or monthly items using up to six axes with two line graphs with one above the other. Graphs can be easily exported to the windows clipboard and pasted into other windows applications.
Lease, daily, and monthly data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. A range of daily or monthly data can be exported to each row.

Production Reporting System
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