DCA - Decline Curve Analysis and Economics
DCA is an interactive integrated decline curve analysis and economics program that will produce professional looking reports for banks and investors. DCA is intended for small companies and independent consultants that need a powerful and integrated decline curve and economics system that will enable them to compete with others in the industry. DCA will perform the following:

Build a database of lease information, production data, and pressure test data. The data can be manually input or imported.
Plot and analyze rate time and pressure versus cumulative data.
Perform decline curve analysis using exponential, hyperbolic, or linear decline.
Projected rates and recoveries from the analysis are used in the economic evaluations.
Perform economic forecasts of single or multiple leases. Results can be output as individual forecasts, summaries of multiple forecasts, one-line summaries, or two line summaries.
Production data can be imported from IHS, Lasser, or text files resulting in a more efficient use of time. After forecasts have been performed, the user can go directly into the economic data entry section and generate an economic evaluation on screen. Graphs and economics for individual leases can be printed in batches, saving time and effort. Facilities are provided to transfer data to another database, export the data to a text format which can be imported into a spreadsheet, and backup the data.
Price $1000 per license
Annual Maintenance Fee $300 ( Includes Updates and Technical Support )